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Milano is drop-dead gorgeous and there are plenty of other beautiful naked women all over the place. Yes again, since the rest of the film is a big, fat ZERO. Centuries after his rebirth as a member of the undead, a vampire discovers the soul of his beloved princess lover, who has been dead a long time, in the form of Charlotte Wells, an innocent virginal college student. Seems he returned home from battle one fine day only to find his beloved wife had killed herself on the false rumors of his death. While the message is not particularly offensive if taken on its own, it is offensive when seen in what should have been a sexy erotic horror film.

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Alyssa Milano Lesbin Sex In Embrace of the Vampire Movie

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For instance, why does the vampire character only have a certain time to live?

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User Reviews

She has a bland boyfriend who insists that he needs sex from her NOW, but he's the only semi-nice human in the area. I remember it perfectly, the first time I saw her she was wearing a red baseball hat backwards, and she had a big black eye. Alyssa manages to do what few actresses have accomplished--Played the sex pot and the innocent at the same time. Overall I would pass on this one, as it's not worth seeing.

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