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After getting out of the service I played hard, partying, drinking, chasing women and experimenting with a few drugs, for a couple of years. I have to say that after reading another Billy Masters book that I will be starting a little collection of his work.. Some times funny and sometimes sad, but always exciting. Some fun aspects of my youth was learning to drive when I was six, learning to swim at seven and getting my first rifle and learning to hunt when I was twelve. Right now I have been and will be writing about the erotic side of my life, but in the future will be entering a more serious genre. Open Preview See a Problem? We now have two grand children, two boys.

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Open Preview See a Problem?

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They meet at a party and bless Suzy's drunk arse because after chatting for a little bit she falls asleep on Billy and he is ever the gentleman, down to helping her move into a comfortable position so he can take a leak and upon returning to her and she is Billy Masters at his best Billy Masters and Sex 4 books. Some times funny and sometimes sad, but always exciting.

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