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His name originates from historical figure Ma Liang during the Three Kingdoms period at late Han dynasty, who bears the same nickname. Mototsugu is Kenichi's father. Silcardo created an avalanche to bury Jihan and Kenichi. He is defeated by Kenichi after a brutal fight in which Kenichi finally ascended to master class. Takeda is usually seen with some type of plant in his mouth.

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Kenichi Shirahama

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He later fights Ogata to avenge the loss of his family, but ultimately is defeated and killed by the Yami master, but not before telling Kenichi to never become like him lest he share the same fate.

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He has a wife and three children in China, including a year-old daughter named Renka, and an older brother named Sougetsu, who is a member of Yami. During a battle, he kills Kenichi, but Kenichi is later resuscitated. After undergoing intense training with Ogata, Rimi returns for a rematch with Miu. Upon his teammates' defeat, he engages Kenichi in a duel, but Kenichi defeats him.

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