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The greater the number of clicks, the greater the power of the buck. After it is over, Twilight makes plans to tell the Princess about her new experiences. There are also two other scenes that take place at Sweet Apple Acres: a scene involving the Cutie Mark Crusaders, although they are off-screen for the duration of the scene, and a secret one involving Big Macintosh. Next, the player should go talk to Rarity again. In accordance with wikia policies , the article itself does not contain excessively violent descriptions, images, or other unsuitable content. Vinyl Scratch will then use magic to give the red pony a pill and the sex mini-game will begin. If the player tries to open the door to the club house after the first time, a dialog box will pop up, with the player's character saying: "Better leave them alone.

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Banned From Equestria (Daily)

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Depending on which one of the four "modes" you select, the speed the bar in the right-hand corner of the screen fills will vary.

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However she immediately bumps into a disapproving Big Macintosh , who witnessed the whole thing. A collection of scenes that can be unlocked by performing certain tasks, they can be unlocked as follows:. Once this button is pressed, a cut-scene will play out and finally a button labelled end will appear on the right of the exclamation mark. Unlike the other ponies, Vinyl can be visited either at night or during the day.

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