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I would assume the audience would mainly be those who are interested in the dance or at the least have been 'exposed' to it in some way, so I doubt she would have shocked anyone too much. She is a great dancer that's why the ' ill use of costume' threw me off. Doesn't leave a belly dancer a huge amount to work with! I like her dancing very much though. But I can totally see in India it would be very obviously construed as Shakti's first post explains it. It reminded me of Jillina's horrendous and infamous "pink snake" costume, but this costume isn't even in my favorite color. Fine, the big hip circles could go, and the hair flicks, but hip drops?

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Dalila Of Cairo..Shameful Performance In India?

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I doubt she intended to flash the photographers.

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What she did with the skirt is something that that looks better when the skirt edge is not so far over already. Then, I saw the skirt flash, and thought, "Well, there ya go. Bellydance as a community is fledgling in India.. But people make mistakes, and perhaps she did realize it, as someone else has already said here.

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