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I'd rather have a sugar cookie or something. It's my character in that setting; she's waiting for her brother. There's a strange but popular little something on the internet called Rule 34 , which stipulates that for any conceivable subject there exists some type of related sexual or pornographic content. I really didn't have any idea where it was going—I just started writing and it sort of took on a life of its own. You know what they say: 'tis the season. So it's kind of a warm, toasty, familiar story, and I tried to pick a whimsical design for the cover to offset the horror within.

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This Gingerbread Man Erotica Is the Spiciest We've Ever Read

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For example, it would be safe to say that there is probably Mr.

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There's gonna be so much foot fetish rule 34 with the Great Fairy, why Nintendo?

Maybe fruitcake, I don't know. I like to lighten the mood and I find it in people around me. Is most of your other writing of the adult persuasion? It's just been printed around here and there.

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