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The Director says "it" is happening faster than they thought as the shaking continues. Kyoko gets to the school, commenting on how spooky and gothic it looks instead of modern. Moka ends up falling and Tsukune breaks her fall by having her land on him. Kyoko asks Tsukune and the others what is happening as they look up at the sky. Tsukune decides to go find the others. Kurumu and Yukari are then seen with glowing red eyes and manic grins. Kyoko watches this from the corner, wondering why a school would allow girls to fawn over Tsukune out in the open.

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Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Episode 11

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A rumbling then shakes the school grounds.

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Luckily Tsukune arrives with everyone else; they are shocked to see both Mokas at the same time. Kurumu and Yukari are then seen with glowing red eyes and manic grins. Moka tells him that they went shopping and will be back soon, while she puts supplies back on the shelf. They then watch Lillith fly past them, wondering who she is as neither of them have seen her before.

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