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There were lots of gay rumors about Jensen for years. R37 was me and while that was in jest it's true, pretty much any mention anywhere on the net they find it and fish for info etc. I just did a search and there are lots of pig hunting videos on YouTube. You really thing celebrities are above posting here? Keep in mind we live in a world where if you slagged off the Twilight couple on twitter you would probably get at least one death threat. Everybody makes up shit and talks nonsense, here. They seem to think anything that is done is done for their benefit to decieve them or mislead them even really minor stuff, and take any 'insult' about the actors very seriously, some of those fangirls are not the full shilling.

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Mr. Jensen Ackles for Peta

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Doest Jensen have any gay rumors surrounding him??

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All of their traveling and expenses are completely covered. It's not something I'm into, R29, but there is a lot of pig hunting out there. Mentioning either of the 'J' names is like drawing a pentagram in blood; as soon as it's typed they get a tingly feeling and head on over from livejournal. Ackles came in and asked-politely, may I add-to use their restroom.

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  1. no, no you can't. It's only the ACT of incest itself which is illegal in SOME states. it's perfectly legal to role play incest and record it.