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Sadly, all three perished at the hands of Star Wolf a week after Andross' second defeat. Star Fox takes place in the same universe as Sonic the Hedgehog. The events of Star Fox Command were a hallucination created as a final ploy by the Aparoids to prevent their destruction by Fox and Star Wolf. Of course, this doesn't end up making much sense to the viewers of the show, since everyone knows that the real James is not only still alive, but became a well-known F-Zero pilot after retiring from mercenary work. Wolf holds a grudge against Star Fox because he wanted to fly with James McCloud, but was turned down because he was too young. Krystal is the remaining Cerinian from Cerinia's own Instrumentality. How well does it match the trope?

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Star Fox (series)/Characters

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The Lylat System has planets originally from other star systems.

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Krystal is the remaining Cerinian from Cerinia's own Instrumentality. In fact, he's the main playable character in Star Fox Command , and when you have split path options like "I wonder what Falco's up to", ROB is actually flying the Great Fox to his position. Star Fox and Star Wars have analogous characters. That's why he's a Fox named Fox, he's a human named Fox with delusions.

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