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After the contest was announced, women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on by , of the website's 1. Indeed, if you look at the photo of her submission, it's hard to disagree: Although her photo is less explicit than many of the other entries, her vulva is shaved and compact, resembling a smooth clamshell. Current Innovation Wellbeing Culture. It's mostly about the position, the lighting, the photograph," she told Mic. It would be extremely boring if it were all the same.

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Meet the Woman With the Most Beautiful Vagina in the World

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It's something that happens naturally to all of us, I think, both men and women.

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This Website Is Holding A Vagina Beauty Contest

I believe that I am a person who tries to lead a life according to some basic ethics, so I wouldn't have done it if I honestly thought it was harming women generally," she said. When asked if she thought the Vagina Beauty Pageant might have a negative impact on women who felt self-conscious about their vulvas to begin with, Nell dismissed the idea. The data from the Vagina Beauty Pageant supports the idea that the " Barbie " has become the standard for beautiful vulvas in our culture. Even though her vagina has just been voted the most beautiful in the world, Nell, who describes herself as "a middle height, middle weight girl dressing in a sporty way," said her own body isn't perfect.

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