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Relationships Edit Kazuma Yagami - Catherine didn't seem to notice Kazuma during their first encounter, however she saw him as a 'pathetic wind user' after he insulted her family during their second encounter. It was then during their trainining that she fell in love with Kazuma to the point where she wagered Kazuma returning with her to the States if Ayano were to lose their duel. Catherine literally fell for Kazuma. She would once again run into a stark naked Kazuma at the Marunage Hot Springs, much to the her dismay and later delight. Catherine boasts it as her strongest spirit beast and it's very powerful. Metatron - The second spirit beast for Catherine to debut. It takes the appearance of a greek angel statue and wields a sword.

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Catherine McDonald

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The Wisps can form a circle to surround and fire lasers at their opponents.

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Abilities Edit Unlike other fire users of the series, Catherine and her family possess the unique ablility to harness the strength of multiple fire spirits into one virtual character. When Catherine was incapacitated during the Pandemonium Arc, she begrudingly acknowledged that Ayano is the only person who can stop Lopies though she still wished it could have been her. Metatron is skilled at sword fighting, able to stand toe to toe with Ayano.

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