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I mean, you're a great slapper. Isn't it time to make your own destiny? Ted: 'Want to know what I looked like at age 15? Don't worry, it's only minutes. By 'entertainment' they mean 'table-shuffle-board', Makramee classes and other non-stimulating activities which are only used in Manhatten to calm down drug-addicts and the criminaly insane. Guess it's kind of nice you're such a bad-ass. Aren't you tired of waiting for destiny, Ted?

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Charlie's Angels: Nips and Tucks

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Quotes by Robin Scherbatsky Robin Scherbatsky is one of the five main characters of the tv-series How I Met Your Mother and well-known for her confidence and her quotes.

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Quotes by Robin Scherbatsky

Starting without us was worse. Finishing in the hallway was the nail in the coffin. Well, everywhere except for my boobs.

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