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Approach it with a sense of open-minded fun, not obligation or stigmatisation. Beauty Laid Bare: The 'gritty' truth about your cosmetics. One of these was prostate-specific antigen, or PSA. Oh right, so is there pressure on women to perform squirty tricks? In the 17th Century, Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf wrote a groundbreaking treatise, Concerning The Generative Organs Of Women, describing the fluid and linking it to an erogenous zone inside the vagina that was much like male prostate. After the women became sexually excited they were given a second ultrasound, which showed their bladders had re-filled significantly. Quiz: match the footballer to the car.

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And this we now know to be like an iceberg: the hood and head you can see on the outside of the body are merely the tip of a much bigger organ that extends downwards around the vaginal passage. Scientific analysis of expelled fluids conducted by American sexologist Beverly Whipple in the early s and then subsequent studies by others discovered that urea and creatine — chemical constituents of pee — were only present in very low levels. And definitely stop if you're not having a good time.

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