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Ok tumblr, I know the power of the internet so just hear me out right quick as I ask for a simple favor. If you have any of those codes off of your cereal boxes to spare, some kids could really do with some books. If you feel like supporting some fantastic people, with a fantastic podcast, for a fantastic cause, then this is the link for you. Through generous donations government, three square, various community partners, etc. While this is clearly not disney or a silly, silly face swap, the mod of this blog is putting it here anyway because I know you followers of this blog are good people, with good taste. Because there just isn't enough ridiculous on the internet, I felt the need for a tumblr with even more silly face swapping fun. Please like, reblog and consider donating!

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Please like, reblog and consider donating!

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I cant imagine my own childhood without the wonder and sense of escape from less than ideal circumstances that books gave me. I could have been making swaps. Every single bit helps, be it telling a friend or giving a dollar. No one told me that disneyscreencaps was live again!

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