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The sale and distribution of child pornography is illegal and is punishable by imprisonment for up to 3 years. Selling pornographic material to people under 18 years old is illegal. Pornography is illegal in Belarus. The movie's success more than 3 million admissions lead to a whole series of films that was and is referred to in German media as the Sex-Welle sex wave. The pornography industry in Spain has been located in or near it, with little in the — by comparison — more conservative Madrid. The film caused much controversy and it was restrained from legal release until with an alternate revision of Italian censorship laws.

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Main article: Pornography in Denmark.

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Since July , [41] human excrement and urine are not considered being "hard pornography" anymore. Since there is also a legal little local production. Prior to 1 January , all indecent publishing, including the import and export thereof, was banned.

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