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I wouldn't clam that mods of this nature to be a feminist issue, but these mods can provide insight on some topics. The Beautiful Bodies Mod will do much similar content to Schlongs of Skyrim by making female bodies including the beast races of Skyrim to be gorgeous in detail. Aside from these, some mods, though sexual in nature, will often boost one's experience by adding detailed texture and mesh packs which will make the games more beautiful in style. Some mods will give the player a more immersive experience as to a character's needs and desires and come mods even allow for the foundation of families through pregnancy. The game it host the most mods, both sexual and otherwise is Skyrim, which requires a script extender and a script framework to access the adult rated mods. As an avid modder of many games, I find adding details to a game can be very important, and one has to take their own tastes into consideration before diving headlong into the mass of mods that are out there.

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LoversLab/Sexlab Patches

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Your own tastes must be considered before you click that download button.

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LoversLab Analysis

While mods like Body Presets and Optimizations there are plenty on there will give a female character a more varried look with the ability to control the body styles of the female character. One might argue the mods that involve rape as its focus to be one such mod but male characters can also fall victim to this, so it's less hatred of women and more so the aggressor taking advantage of their prey. As mods are a means to extend the content of the game, an individual may have different tastes and desires to see what content is to be extended.

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