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In the field of architecture and civil construction, under construction means the process of construction or creation of infrastructure. The main stages of this process include land acquisition, design, project coordination in the government, the actual process of erection of a building or structure, the object input in operation. As a rule, the work is carried out by group of specialists of building or engineering company under the direction of project Manager and supervised by the representatives of technical supervision and engineers.

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Construction jobs the jobs performed on the construction site (the object) with the erection of buildings and constructions. Construction work divided into General and special. Civil works are classified in accordance with the applicable (recycled) materials or erected constructions: Reinforcement works, Concrete works, Earthworks, Stone works, Roofing works, Decoration works, Carpentry, pile and other Construction work include waterproofing, heat Insulation, plumbing, electrical and other. Some construction works determined by the names of the parts or elements of constructed buildings and structures (for example, oven works, the device of floors) or external conditions (winter work underground, underwater, etc.). Depending on the sequence construction works combined into 2 groups: preliminary work and basic (this includes all civil works). The separate group consists of auxiliary work (for example, mount wall pits, construction of scaffolds, lowering ground water level, soil compaction and the like) and the Hidden work.

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Correctly built a wall fence off man from the world of infinity, forcing him to withdraw into a limited space, thus depriving him of the possibility to feel and to dream, to work and create. This isolation "kills" true individuality. But home should reflect the essence of his master, and finishing of office - the essence of the company. And not in contrast with the environment and in harmony with him. Combining the customer's identity and experience, we develop and implement projects of houses, offices, shops and other private and public institutions..

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Construction JobsThe beginning of life of any building is the building that starts with the design of the building, includes in its list of construction superintendent jobs, roofing works, installation of plumbing and heating systems, finishing and electric installation. Projects for future structures are developed taking into account the resources available, materials and location of the construction site and be sure to agree with the client. The main part of the construction is the immediate construction of the walls of the house, the establishment of a roof.

 Construction manager jobs are carried out by specialists, which are governed by technical standards and in the future can safely guarantee durability and quality. Now, construction jobs are a whole range of activities aimed at the construction of new buildings, major repairs of existing, or the demolition of emergency. The developer is an enterprise that specializes in the performance of functions on organization of construction of objects, monitoring its progress and maintaining Boo produced cost. In the face of the developer may be: Directorate of construction enterprises, as well as existing companies engaged in capital construction.

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The developer for the implementation of future construction should have a design estimate documentation on construction of separate buildings under construction or complex of buildings. To this end, he turns into the design organization of technical requirements for the construction of the object. Design organization of construction jobs develops a package of project documentation, which includes the project of manufacture of works (UNDP), the project of construction organization (PIC), and estimate and financial calculations. Based on financial calculations in the future is determined by the target value of the object. Holiday house, on purpose different from the permanent place of stay, the fact that people do not live all the time, and during the summer season, or come for the weekend. When building a house with their own hands, it is necessary to take into account the specifics. First of all, we need to define areas necessary for seasonal residence. For example, if the house is located in the garden and serves as a place of summer rest, it is necessary veranda. But a large bathroom or a hall is not mandatory.

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It is observed that the interest in the construction of country houses typical for older people. When people want not only of space in the house, but the environment beyond its borders, it's time to think about building a house. If You want to housing combines home comfort and holiday home, think about the construction executive jobs of a country house for his family. Perhaps one of the most critical steps in the process of construction of a country house is a plot selection and preparation for construction of country houses. Because on the one hand he must be removed from the places with heavy traffic and concentration of people and on the other hand, country house should be related to the work place, because for most people, jobs are in the cities. As for construction materials, then You will have no limits. This can be, and houses made of beams and brick house, the house of reinforced concrete or wood-frame house with efficient heat insulation-made according canadian technology. The functionality of a country house should not be different from urban housing. Moreover, here You can determine the desired size of the premises and arrange them as You want at the stage of designing the building.

Types of works and construction

Depending on the purpose of construction of objects of the following types of construction:

    The industrial (plants, factories)
    The transport (roads, bridges, tunnels)
    The housing and civil construction (residential houses, public buildings)
    The hydraulic (dams, dikes, channels, coastal protection constructions and devices, reservoirs)
    The irrigation and drainage (irrigation system, drainage)
    Building sector of the economy.


Actually building your own hands can consist not only in the construction of houses, it can be and individual items, for example, construction of the wall and floor finishing materials. Articles on the construction may be useful for those who builds a house with their own hands, and attempts to solve the issues of the interior space of your own home and outer face of the wall.


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