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To add insult to injury, Nelson pulls down his trunks, leaving him naked. It doesn't happen, Ronnie Anne merely settles for depantsing Lincoln in a less crowded place and leaving him with a photograph of it as a souvenir. It will cause him to turn flushed after being pantsed. Later, she gets back at him by pantsing him. Sanjay and Craig : In an episode called Depants Tag all the everyone goes around town removing each other's pants until there is only one left standing.

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Pants-Pulling Prank

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And either he wasn't wearing any underpants , or they pulled them down along with his pants, since the act exposes his bare butt.

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Space Jam shows Sylvester the cat use a fishing rod to completely yank away orange Monstar Pound's athletic shorts during the second half of the Ultimate Game. Only after activating it does Strong Bad realize he's the only one wearing pants. Book 2 of The Terrible Two involves trying to pull one of these on the new principal, who wears suspenders and a belt to ensure his pants stay up. This completes a Brick Joke with strip 63, which the creator thoughtfully footnotes.

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