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In the first and only strip made so far, a French soldier recognizes France-a man his grandfather had met long ago. The strip itself has survived however, and remains "hidden" in the site files. It involves Germany being given a book on praising skills by Japan. However, a flirtatious France tells Noto that next Christmas, he'll be sure to have a smile on his face. A story in two strips that could originally be found at rkgk5. Interestingly, these strips also imply that Germany and Russia had been enemies since their youth, a detail that seems to have been dropped as of Lietuvis and other strips.

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Lost strips of Hetalia: Axis Powers

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France and England try to undress Seychelles, to which she is shocked and slaps them, then runs off angrily.

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This version appeared in an early post on the Bamboo Thicket blog , but nowhere else. A strip drawn by Himaruya in The two then make their way to Poland's house and attempt to crash the party and strip all the nations, only to find that they're already naked. After Austria's ahoge becomes heart-shaped due to the praise, Germany mistakes it for a regular cowlick and straightens it out.

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